User Outcomes Weekly – #14

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User Outcomes Weekly focuses on the intersection of education, technology and productivity. If you see anything here you’d like to discuss further or want to put into practice, why not get in touch?

The Routine of Being AMAZING

A honed routine is the cornerstone of productivity. In this post, Vicki Davis nails it in a very practical, straightforward way. Highly recommended reading.

Technology as a Material

Tom Armitage believes that technology is a ‘material’ and, as such, we should change the way we approach it:

Materials have desires, affordances, and textures; they have grains. We can work with that grain, understanding what the material wishes to be, wishes to do – or we can deliberately choose to work against it. We must understand that grain and make a deliberate choice.

Mozilla Festival

The Mozilla Festival, being held this year in London between Friday 4th and Sunday 6th, looks like a must-attend event for those interested in learning, the web, and media!

Cognitive fluency

Here’s an idea that, appropriately, seems intuitive: that the simpler the idea is, the more ‘true’ it appears. It’s worth reading the Lifehacker article (which runs through an example) and then clicking through at the bottom of the page to the source (which goes into more detail).