User Outcomes Weekly – #10

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User Outcomes Weekly focuses on the intersection of education, technology and productivity. If you see anything here you’d like to discuss further or want to put into practice, why not get in touch?

Creative Commons images and you: a quick guide for image users

Ars Technica has a comprehensive guide to using Creative Commons-licensed images. A great reference article.


Need to build a house but can’t afford an architect? Never fear, Wikihouse.cc has plans for you! A great example of shared ideas and expertise.

PayPal fee calculator

PayPal’s fees are confusing. Thankfully, Paypal Fee Calculator can help with that.

Kindle Cloud Reader

It may have been a reaction to Apple’s heavy-handedness over permissions in iOS apps, but Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader is a fantastic of something implemented quickly and effectively.

Write or Die

Suffering from a lack of motivation to write something? Try Write or Die – “putting the prod in productivity”. If you don’t write fast enough it starts deleting your words!

The Evolution of the Definition of Mobile Learning

The Evolution of the Definition of Mobile Learning by Gary Woodill is an important reminder of the changing nature of a field and the need to keep up-to-date with the latest research. If you’re interested in mobile learning you may want to have a look at the JISC Mobile and Wireless Technologies Review Doug wrote at the end of 2010.

New Insights on the Creative Brain

According to some of the latest psychological research, concentrating hard on a problem and then not thinking leads to insights.

Lion Tweaks

If you’ve recently updated to Mac OSX 10.7 ‘Lion’ and are finding little things annoying you, chances are they can be sorted by using Lion Tweaks.

xkcd: password generator

Web comic xkcd reminds us how hard to remember passwords can be easy to crack and vice versa.