User Outcomes Weekly – #4

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User Outcomes Weekly focuses on the intersection of education, technology and productivity. If you see anything here you’d like to discuss further or want to put into practice, why not get in touch?

Focus Booster

Focus Booster is an app (also available as an online, web version) that helps you work according to the simple-but-effective Pomodoro Technique.


Bookmarklets are links containing javascript (usually) that you can click on in the bookmarks bar of your browser to perform some specified action. Usually this action involves doing something with the page you’re on – adding it to your Delicious bookmarks, for example. Marklets.com is a searchable database of bookmarklets and very hand it is too!

Living with your deadlines

Some good advice from Stepcase Lifehack here about how to deal with deadlines to make them more manageable. We strongly recommend using a system such as Google Calendar that not only lets you visualise your deadlines but allows you to set up reminders. Talking of calendars, they’ve also got 7 ways you shouldn’t be using your calendar – the point about ‘blocking’ is important. It doesn’t work.

Online identity: Can we really be whoever we want to be?

In Aleks Krotoski’s short piece for the Guardian Online identity: Can we really be whoever we want to be? she uses the recent case of Tom MacMaster who had pretended to be a teenage Syrian lesbian blogger. Aleks wonders whether it’s still the case that you can literally be someone completely different online. A thought-provoking read about identity, status, and image-projection.

Sketchy Learning

In Sketchy Learning, Simon Bostock references everyone from Froebel to Japanese schoolchildren – making the point that, without concerted, mindful and dedicated practice, mastery is unlikely.