Encouraging clearer thinking in education, technology and productivity.

Doug Belshaw presenting at the Plymouth e-Learning Conference 2011

Synechism / sigh-nah-kism /  n. 1. Doug Belshaw’s consultancy, focusing on improving user outcomes in the areas of education, technology and productivity.  2. A theory originally expounded by Charles Sanders Peirce holding that the essential feature in philosophic speculation is continuity.

What we do.

Using a modified version of the Hierarchy of Understanding (Briggs, et al., 2002*), Doug works with everyone from individuals through to educational institutions, businesses and third sector organizations.

Advising: face-to-face or using tools such as Skype, to help sharpen your thinking and ask deep, probing questions, forcing you to reflect on your practice.

Speaking: keynoting conferences and running workshops that focusing everything from improving productivity and workflows in your organisation to demonstrating ways that the latest technologies can enhance educational opportunities.

Writing: helping develop strategies and formulating plans based on successful frameworks and models – from single page documents to full-length reports.

Get in touch!

Think Synechism Ltd. may be able to help you and your organization? Get in touch with an idea and timeframe and we’ll get back to you, usually within 24 hours.

Image of Doug based on an original by foto_mania (used with permission)